AviaRent MiniLeasing is a sensible and easy way to get a rental car for temporary car needs.
We offer you our entire selection of vehicles including passenger cars and station wagons, minivans, minibuses and utility vehicles. The car will be available to you on the same day if need be, and you can decide the length of the rental period later. You will always have access to a car that’s as good as new without lengthy commitments.

The MiniLeasing prices includes:

  • CDW – collision damage waiver*
  • TP – theft protection*
  • maintenance and technical repairs
  • substitute car when necessary
  • vehicle tax
  • tax on motive source
  • 24/7 roadservice
  • tires appropriete for the season
  • additional drivers

*Customer’s personal liability up to 500 Euros / accident. Lowered personal liability is also available for an additional fee. Ask for more information!

Prices do not include: fuel, any extra mileage or washing.

Ask for more information!

AviaRent MiniLeasing car rental has a minimum rental period of only 1 month, and  the car will be available to you very quickly, if need be. The contractual period may be extended or shortened during the period – no need to round up or down to full months. The model of the car may also be changed to meet your needs in the middle of the contractual period.
The service is customized to your needs with regard to mileage and the length of the rental period. The monthly fee includes all essential car usage costs.

MiniLeasing is ideal for example:

• for a fledgling entrepreneur

• as a company car solution for a new employee’s probationary period
• for temporary or seasonal spikes in demand
• for seasonal car needs
• as a family’s second car
• as a substitute car for waiting periods
• as a summer car

You canrequest an offer by filling an order request form that we will respond to as soon as possible. You can find the form on our offer request page. Alternatively, you can send e-mail to